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I've decided to put all my thinking here.

Life's Lessons -- an autobiography of the things I have learned and the context in which I learned them

A novel about the future: It's sci-fi and takes place just after the great American insurrection

A Second Novel: It continues the adventures of Commissioner Torres in the early days of the American Revolution

A Third Novel about the commissioner and his role in developing a better society

A fourth Novel about the commissioner and his role in a future World Congress

A Fifth Novel about a Perfect Society: Leo Torres and the Second Batch

Labor History and Jobs with Justice

The 11-Hour Strike, 15-Month Ordeal (a pamphlet I wrote in 1985 about the big union fight against LTV Corporation)

Remembrances from Lille Skole Free School, or the Free School Movement, in Houston 1970-1973

School remembrances of: Gene Lantz, Headmaster: gene1 gene2 gene3 gene4 gene5 gene6 gene7 gene8 gene9 gene10 gene11 gene12 gene13 gene14

Remembrances of Rachel

My Original Songs:

Corporatepeople; Don't you trickle down on me; Gosh Darn You Wealthy Gentlemen; houserules; iraqsong; Macular degeneration (I can't find it, so we may have lost forever my song on eye treatment: "Walk right in, sit right down, let us stick stuff in your eyes"; oldestpersonintheroom; one day longer; psychopath in congress; right some wrongs; Sam Johnson Hang Down Your Head; She Wanted a Waltz, So Long, Donald, It's Been Good to Know You (2017 version) Social Security Song; taraanthem0715; "Too old to work but not Too old to fight"; walking in your weiner underpants; Workers Memorial Day; workingatwalmart-song; You're beginning to look a lot like Hitler

I sang a few songs I didn't write such as "The International" and "Solidarity Forever." Videos I made, many of them history lessons by now, are on my YouTube channel "genelantz." Some are on "genelantzalot" channel.

The Little School of Marxism

Have you ever wanted a quick course on Marxism just to find out what the heck it is? These little 5-minute modules explain from A to Z

Observations & Videos about our 1-month cruise on the Mediterranean

A 2012 Interview about Unions click here.

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What do I look like, digging through all these old files and photos?